Simple Hosting Solution

With Sliplane, shipping containers becomes incredibly easy and affordable. Our "Pay-per-Server" model enables you to host unlimited containers on each server for one fixed price.

Deploy anything that fits in a container

Save Big Time on Small Apps

Our pay-per-server model enables you to host unlimited services for a single price. You save big time, when it comes to hosting all of your prototypes, dev environments and small hobby projects.

Provide Consistent Reliable Service

We equip you with the tools to ensure maximum uptime for your service: Zero downtime deploys, instant downtime notifications, healthchecks to prevent broken deploys, and more.

The World of Open Source at the Tip of Your Fingers

Start hosting your own databases, analytics, maps and many more thousands of open source tools with just the click of a button.

Lightspeed Performance

Powerful hardware at highly competitive rates - Compared to other popular PAAS providers, Sliplane really get's you some bang for your buck.

Deploy Anything That Fit's in a Container

If it works on your machine, it works in production. We support Docker out of the box. Just leave a Dockerfile and rest assured your software is going to run.

Easy and Convenient Setup

No DevOps knowledge required. Deploy directly from GitHub or Docker Hub with just a few clicks and easily monitor your application through our platform.

Simply Deploy from GitHub


More Juicy Features

For more detailed information check out our docs.


We setup a convenient deploy pipeline for you. New commits to your repository automatically get shipped.

Deploy from Docker Hub

Deploy from a library of more than 400k public images with the click of a button.

Secrets Management

Easily add and remove environment variables. We will keep them securly stored for you and your team.

Automatic Health and security checks

We regulary visit to check if your apps are alright. You instantly get notifications if something is down.

Secure server configuration

Don't worry about fiddleing with security, we take care of securing your servers and keeping them up to date.

Log monitoring

No need to crawl through the filesystem. Quickly check and monitor error logs inside of our platfrom.

Pay-per-Server Pricing

You can host unlimited containers on each server for one fixed price.
Prices do not include tax.


  • Deploy unlimited services on each server
  • 3 day log retention
  • Dedicated Build Server
  • Backups
  • Monitoring



2 vCPU2 GB RAM40 GB Disk
7 €
per mon


3 vCPU4 GB RAM80 GB Disk
14 €
per mon


4 vCPU8 GB RAM160 GB Disk
28 €
per mon


8 vCPU16 GB RAM240 GB Disk
56 €
per mon


16 vCPU32 GB RAM360 GB Disk
112 €
per mon

Try it out yourself

... and never worry about deployments again.